Newspaper Monitoring
Prompt and accurate news information all at your finger tips!
I. Dilemma faced by corporate management in effective gathering of news information
For an enterprise to effectively gather news information relevant to its business from the large volumes of news reports every day, it entails large investments in capital, human resources and physical assets. In the operational aspects, it has to set up its new data bank, provide training for staff and develop the relevant software and hardware facilities. This will be deemed by corporate management as nonviable in terms of economic returns.

Gathering news information requires large investments in capital, personnel, physical assets and time.

II. Utilizing professional service to enhance corporate decision making
Itrace Media Services has thus launched its news monitoring services so that our clients can have convenient access to the required news information. For news on corporate activities, developments in the industry and government policies, as long as they are published in the newspaper of the day, we will monitor for our clients and send the news clippings to their email accounts before 9am on every working day. With such convenience, our clients will save the trouble of making additional investments in capital, human resources, software and hardware as well as other facilities.

By utilizing professional news monitoring services that are more economical, convenient and efficient, companies can be supplied with comprehensive news information in a timely manner. Such services will not only assist management in making accurate decisions but will also allow prompt actions to be taken in response to negative news, thus giving the companies concerned a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Smart utilization of professional services enhances operational efficiency.

III. Access to news information in several languages
In addition, to provide our clients with access to news information in various languages, we also provide translation services to translate relevant news into the preferred languages (Chinese, English or Bahasa Malaysia). This will avoid the dilemma of miscommunication and enable our clients to understand news reports in other languages.

IV. Convenient to share information
Through our services, our clients can conveniently share important information with their colleagues. We will use the most generic mile format ( such as Jpeg, PDF) to send the news information to various designated personnel at the same time. Moreover, as the files are sent via email, it is convenient to re-direct the information to others. Our clients need not memorize any password or log in on elaborate interface and have no more worry about server breakdown that could render it impossible for them to read the news information.

V. Practical and simple presentation style
Practical! simple! Such is the presentation style of our news information in email and document file format.(please see pictures attached below)

News Clipping Interface

VI. Scope of news covered in our service
Our news monitoring service covers the various business sectors and major newspapers in Malaysia.

List of Categories of Newspaper Monitoring Service
Category A
Category B
Category C
Business sector
Retail, property, Information Technology (IT), tobacco, beer, fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, banking and finance, automobiles etc.
Agriculture, mining, manufacturing, food & beverage, healthcare, beauty etc.
Associations, NGOs, organizations, product promotion etc.

Newspapers Monitored
Peninsular Malaysia

  • The Star
  • Sunday Star
  • New Straits Times
  • New Sunday Times
  • The Edge Financial Daily
  • The Edge
  • The Sun
  • Utusan Malaysia
  • Mingguan Malaysia
  • Berita Harian
  • Berita Minggu
  • Harian Metro
  • Metro Ahad
  • Kosmo
  • Kosmo Ahad
  • Sinar Harian
  • 资汇报(The Busy Weekly)
  • 星洲日报(Sin Chew Daily)
  • 南洋商报(Nanyang Siang Pau)
  • 中国报( China Press)
  • 东方日报( Oriental Daily News)
  • 光华日报(Kwong Wah Yit Poh)
  • 光明日报(Guang Ming Daily).

  • East Malaysia
    ( Minimum period of service: Six months )
  • New Sabah Times
  • Daily Express
  • Borneo Post
  • 华侨日报(Overseas Chinese Daily News)
  • 亚洲时报 (Asia Times)
  • 诗华日报(See Hua Daily News)
  • 星洲日报 (Sin Chew Daily)
  • 晨报(Morning Post, based in Tawau)

  • Sarawak:
  • Borneo Post
  • The New Sarawak Tribune
  • Utusan Borneo
  • 国际时报(International Times)
  • 诗华日报(See Hua Daily News)
  • 联合日报(United Daily News)
  • 砂拉越晚报 (Berita Petang Sarawak)
  • 星洲日报 (Sin Chew Daily)