Our translation work stresses on being precise and concise in refined presentation.
I. Accurate translation for effective communication

Malaysia is a multi-racial country. As such, for any business organization to effectively conduct marketing and promotion activities as well as to communicate with consumers in the country, it is not possible to rely on only one single language.

Demographics of Malaysia 2010
*Source of information:Department of Statistics, Malaysia:2010 Population and Housing Census Report.

By disseminating information in different languages through specific media, a business organization will render it possible for more consumers to gain accurate and better understanding of its products, services, business philosophy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments.

However, to accurately translate information in a specific language into other languages, it is no easy matter.

Many business organizations tend to entrust this difficult job to the public relations companies without knowing that such companies are often facing the same problem. In the end, the marketing information may not be effectively disseminated. This will not only result in failure to boost performance but may expose translation errors that will turn into laughingstock in the market.

During the visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to Malaysia in April 2011, erroneous translation shown on the backdrop at the official reception ceremony has made Malaysia into a laughingstock.

II. Professional translation service from Itrace

Itrace Information Services launched its professional translation service in 2003. Our translation service covers the three major languages of Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and English. So far, the quality of our translation work has been well-recognized. At anytime, we are ready to handle translation of urgent news releases or other documents while ensuring that the translation works can meet our stringent standards of reliability, accuracy and quality language.

  • Experienced translators: Our translators have many years of experience in the industry and some of them have been media workers and writers.

  • Prompt response: Clients can get the required translation within hours. (However, this depends on volume of work involved. We will indicate the time of delivery and translation fee before work commencement.)

  • Reasonable pricing: Our translation fee is charged based on number of words in the translation at a fair rate clearly made known.

  • Quality assurance: Contents of our translated works have to undergo our quality assurance checks to ensure accurate use of words, fluency of language and suitability for the clients.

  • Appropriate and relevant translation: We translate with special attention to the context of the language to avoid absurd direct translation and the often hilarious Google styled translation.

  • Translation available in three languages: We can do translations in Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and English to ensure that our clients can disseminate their information effectively to reach a wider target group.

  • III. Reporters and media prefer translated documents

    It may not be widely known that reporters and media representatives in Malaysia often prefer to receive translated documents to aid their work. Such translated documents can help to save more time and efforts in their reporting work as well as to avoid errors in communication. As such, with translated documents dispatched to the media, information released by the business organizations could be better received by editors, published or broadcast earlier and more effectively disseminated to the public.

    IV. Enjoy the convenience with the use of professional translation service

    It is really worthwhile to utilize reliable and efficient translation service. So trust the power of professional service and let us help your business organization achieve better performance and establish a wider client base!

    The categories and scope of our translation service are as shown below:

    Categories and Scope of Our Translation Service
    Translation into Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, English.

    General Documents
    Technical Articles A
    Technical Articles B
    Technical Articles C
    Proofreading, editing
    Type of document
    Business correspondences, general news articles, letters etc
    News features, handbooks, pamphlets, advertisement texts etc
    Advertorials, medical articles, business or legal documents, analytical reports etc
    Creative writings, technical writings etc
    Various types of articles

    * Time of delivery: depending on volume of work involved. We will indicate the time of delivery and translation fee before work commencement.